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NM2PM will convert NONMEM .csv data files to Pmetrics csv data files.


NM2PM(data, ctl)



The name and extension of a NONMEM data (e.g. .csv) file in the working directory, or the full path to a file.


The name and extension of a NONMEM control (e.g. .ctl) file in the working directory, or the full path to a file.


A Pmetrics style PMmatrix data.frame.


The format of NONMEM and Pmetrics data .csv files are similar, but not quite identical. A major difference is that the order of the columns are fixed in Pmetrics (not including covariates), while they are user-determined in NONMEM, and specified in a control (.ctl) file.

A list of other differences follows by data item.

  • ID This item is the same in both formats and is required.

  • EVID This is the same in both formats but is not required in NONMEM. Doses have an EVID of 1 and observations 0. EVID=4 (dose/time reset) is the same in Pmetrics and NONMEM. EVID=2 (other event) and EVID=3 (dose reset) are not directly supported in Pmetrics, but if included in a NONMEM file, will be converted into covariate values. Specifically the value in the CMT variable will be the covariate value for EVID=2, while for EVID=3, the covariate will be 1 at the time of the EVID=3 entry and 0 othewise. This allows for handling of these events in the Pmetrics model file using conditional statements.

  • DATE Pmetrics does not use dates, but will convert all NONMEM dates and times into relative times.

  • TIME Pmetrics uses relative times (as does NONMEM), but the NONMEM pre-processor will convert clock times to relative times, as does NM2PM.

  • RATE NONMEM RATE items are converted by this function to Pmetrics DURation values.

  • AMT becomes DOSE in Pmetrics

  • ADDL is supported in both formats. However, if NONMEM files contain an SS flag, it will be incorporated as ADDL=-1 according to Pmetrics style.

  • II is the same in both formats.

  • INPUT in Pmetrics is similar to CMT in NONMEM for doses.

  • DV in NONMEM becomes OUT in Pmetrics. Ensure that the units of OUT are consistent with the units of DOSE.

  • OUTEQ In Pmetrics, this is roughly equivalent to CMT in NONMEM for observation events. The lowest CMT value for any observation becomes OUTEQ=1; the next lowest becomes OUTEQ=2, etc.

  • SS Steady state dosing is incorporated into Pmetrics as ADDL=-1.

  • MDV Missing DV in NONMEM become OUT=-99 in Pmetrics.

  • Covariates These are copied from NONMEM to Pmetrics. Note that Pmetrics does not allow missing covariates at time 0 for each subject.

  • DROP Items marked as DROP in the NONMEM control file will not be included in the Pmetric data file.

It is strongly suggested to run PMcheck on the returned object for final adjusting.


Michael Neely