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Loads all the data from an NPAG or IT2B run.


PM_load(run, file)



The numerical value of the folder number containing the run results. Loading results of a prior standard run in folder "1" are as simple as run1 <- PM_load(1). There is no default value for this, and if missing, Pmetrics will only search the current working directory for output files.


Optional name of an .Rdata file created by running the $save method for a PM_result object. For example, run2 <- PM_load(2, "other.Rdata") will look in the run 2 folder outputs for a file named "other.Rdata". PM_load(file = "other.Rdata") will look in the current working directory, since run is missing. If file is missing, Pmetrics will attempt to find a "PMout.Rdata" or the older "NPAGout.Rdata" or "IT2Bout.Rdata" files in either the current working directory (if run is not specified) or the run/outputs folder, if run is provided. in NPrun.


An R6 PM_result.


Michael Neely and Julian Otalvaro